Health Guarantee

Elhart K-9’s German Shepherd Dogs

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Health Guarantee and Purchase Agreement with Limited Registration.

(Puppy/dog is to be spayed/neutered)

Whereas, Elhart K-9’s (Jemine Funk), hereinafter called the Breeder, offers for purchase, a purebred German Shepherd Puppy/Dog as described below:


CKC#: _________________________

Dam: ____________________________________________________________

CKC#:  ________________________

Litter Alpha: ____________

German Shepherd Puppy/Dog Litter color :____________________

Puppy #:________  of #_________  .

Puppy/Dog Registration Name for CKC:__________________________________________

Color: ______________________ Sex:_____________________

Date of Birth: _______________________

Microchip/Tattoo number________________________________

Company:___________________________ Activated_____________________

And whereas ____________________________________________   (hereinafter called the Buyer) wishes to purchase said purebred German Shepherd Dog or Puppy from the litter described above,

CKC Litter Registration #:_______________________(pending)

CKC Dog/Puppy Registration #:______________________(pending)

Now therefore, ownership will be transferred to the Buyer on the following terms, conditions and warranties, no other warranties or conditions are either expressed or implied:

1. The consideration for this purchase is a total of $xxxx.xx Secured with a non-refundable deposit of $xxx.xx** leaving a balance of $xxx.xx, (which does NOT include shipping charges/crate), payable in cash, PayPal, certified cheque, or wire before the puppy leaves the Breeders possession. ** Although deposits are non-refundable, said deposit can be transferred to another litter if certain situations occur ie. Unsuccessful breeding, buyers chosen color is not available, Buyers chosen sex not available, buyers situation changes … each situation is taken into consideration and the determination of the deposit status is left to the Breeders discretion.

2. The Breeder shall provide CKC registration paperwork necessary to register ownership of the puppy with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). The breeder is not and will not be held responsible for delays in processing registration paperwork by the CKC and warrants said German Shepherd Dog/puppy can be registered with the CKC. Buyer agrees that the Registered Name of the Puppy/Dog will have the name of the Breeders kennel Elhart, and will be registered as such. The puppy as referenced herein is from Litter “    ”. Registered name of said puppy/dog will begin with the letter associated with its litter.  For example if this is litter C a registered name could be Elhart Captain of Thunder. The buyer may choose a “call name” that is not registered, for example, a call name for Captain could be Buddy… that choice is the buyers.

Call Name chosen is                                                          . Breeder will begin using call name as puppy grows prior to pick up.

3. The Breeder warrants that the German Shepherd Dog/puppy is to the best of their knowledge healthy and free of communicable disease and is in good health at the time Buyer takes possession. Breeder also guarantees/warrants that the puppy/dog has been seen by breeders Licensed Veterinarian and has been given applicable shots and preventatives. The Buyer has been given opportunity to view, inspect and evaluate the puppy/dog. In the event Buyer is out of Province/State, arrangements can be made for the Breeders Veterinarian or member of his staff to speak with Buyer or Buyers Veterinarian regarding the health of their puppy/dog of choice. Understandably, the Breeders Veterinarian or staff does not guarantee the health of the chosen puppy/dog. Medical Records can be made available as well for the chosen puppy/dog.

4. Buyer is responsible to have their new puppy/dog seen by their licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours upon receipt of the puppy/dog. If as a result of the examination, it is determined that said animal is not in good health, due to a debilitating genetic condition, the buyer may elect to keep the animal or return to the Breeder for replacement.

If the buyer decides to return the animal, they must do within 3 days of examination by their licensed veterinarian, a copy of the written Vet Certificate stating the health concerns and cause if determined. All CKC paperwork will be returned with the animal, with the Buyers relinquishing ownership of said animal to the Breeder. The Breeder shall be obligated to provide a new puppy/dog from another litter of the same sex and quality and further performance under this agreement will be terminated.

All expenses to return the animal are the responsibility of the Buyer and will be the sole responsibility of the Buyer. Breeder is not responsible for any costs incurred.

5. Buyer agrees to maintain puppy/dog in good health. To provide routine examinations by a Licensed Veterinarian and maintain all vaccinations.

6. Breeder warrants to the best of their knowledge that the said puppy/dog is free and clear of any hip/ dysplasia. If the puppy/dog is unable to obtain an OFA or A-Stamp certification free of hip/elbow dysplasia, by the age of 24-36 months, and if due to the severity of the condition can’t perform as a companion animal, Breeder shall provide a replacement puppy of the same sex and quality from another litter. Breeder will require return of said puppy/dog if new puppy/dog is to be provided. If the hip dysplasia is rated borderline, Breeder requests the puppy be x-rayed again within 6 months. Dysplasia must not be the result of poor diet, accident, mistreatment and or injury. It must be clearly stated the dysplasia is genetic. All costs for OFA, x-rays, etc. are at the cost of the buyer. **OFA is optional for companion animals**

Breeder requires OFA and or A-Stamp documentation as proof said puppy/dog is unable to be certified.

7.  This puppy/dog is sold on a limited registration meaning the buyer is responsible for all costs of spaying/neutering  this puppy.  Time frame for spaying/neutering is no less than 6 months of age and no more than 12 months of age. Breeder may also require a spay/neuter certificate for said puppy/dog.

8.  If the buyer is unable to keep and care for this puppy/dog at any time, the puppy/dog is to be returned at the buyers expense to Elhart K-9’s for the Breeder to place the puppy/dog into a new home of the Breeder’s choosing and discretion.

9.  The buyer agrees not to give this puppy/dog to a shelter or pound.

10.  This puppy/dog is not guaranteed for temperament as Breeder is unable to control the environment that this puppy/dog is placed in.  We strongly encourage puppy classes and obedience as well as diligence in proper exercise to maintain a healthy temperament for your puppy/dog.

11. Breeder’s liability under this contract is strictly limited to providing a replacement puppy/dog in the limited circumstances referenced herein. Under no circumstances shall the buyer be entitled to monetary damages for any breach of this contract by the Breeder. Buyer understands and acknowledges that Breeders liability is expressly limited by the terms contained herein.

Furthermore, it is agreed that any legal action taken by the Breeder to enforce this agreement, the Breeder shall be entitled to any and all costs incurred including reasonable attorney fees.

Disclaimer: After a deposit received or payment is made in full, we will hold your puppy until he/she is ready for pick-up or shipping, not earlier than 7 weeks but no later than 10 weeks. When you make a decision to purchase a puppy from us, we expect that you’ve researched the breed of the dog, breeders and the bloodlines you are choosing. When you make a commitment to purchase from us, we are committed to providing you with a healthy puppy and maintain an open door policy to answer any of your questions for the lifetime of your puppy.

Buyer agrees to the foregoing terms and conditions:

Buyers Name:_____________________________________

Buyers Address:_______________________________

City:____________________________Province:__________________  P.C.:________________

Email Address:_________________________________________________

Home Phone:________________ Cell #:______________________  Work:  ______________________

Signed on this _______ day of ______________, in the city of ____________, MB, CANADA.

Buyers Signature: ______________________________________

Breeder Certification:

Canadian Kennel Club Registration #: 11269055

Elhart K-9’s German Shepherd Dogs

Box 59, RR#1, Site 175, Brandon, MB  R7A 5Y1

Signed on this _______ day of ______________, in the city of ____________, MB, CANADA.

Elhart’s Managing Member: Jemine Funk:________________________________