Our Past, gone but not forgotten…


Holterbren Johnny T Brady


DOB: January 24, 2008 – April 30, 2016

Sire: Can. CH. HOLTERBREN BLUE ELTON JOHN pcd, cgn, ht

Dam: Ch. Manorfields Piper 

Brady was by far the most inquisitive puppy we have raised which sent him to the vet on numerous occasions with his crazy antics.  His lack of fear lead him to believe he could take on the world!!

There was never a day when he didn’t have a ball or something in his mouth to carry around and chew. He was notorious for stealing our firewood and sometimes ended up with 6 ft branches that he would carry around with ease.

He was a gentle giant that could demand respect simply with his size and was a great protector of our property.

School field trips for show and tell he was a huge hit as we had trained him to find his ball.  He impressed the teachers and students with his ability to consistently find his ball in the class rooms as well as on the playground during recess as the kids ran and played, he stayed focused and could still locate his favourite ball.

He is truly missed and Arie loved him so much he was withdrawn for months after and wouldn’t play or touch any of the balls that were Bradys.  Arie has since come out of mourning and has taken the role as pack leader with simply his presence and is a great role model for our up and coming dogs as well as our other dogs.

Never enough time….we love you Brady.




January 5, 2002 – December 9, 2013
There is not enough good to say about this girl and to compare her to Cesear’s “Daddy” would be quite accurate.
She liked everyone and anyone and that included all dogs, cats, people, deer, she made friends with them all. Kayley was a mentor to all of our younger dogs and took the puppies under her wing and loved them like her own.
I am sad to see her gone, but the suffering is now over, the pain is gone, and peace has come.  I have so many memories inside to keep her alive in my heart and that will help me get through the tears or missing her.



Canisphere’s Wizard Kaleb

April 02, 2000 – March 06, 2002

Caleb  was faithful and loving boy that left us way to soon.  What I remember most about Caleb is his placing the ball in the stroller of our first newborn child .  She lay sleeping while Caleb sat beside, patiently waiting for her to throw his ball.  Then he would take it gently out of the stroller, walk around, put it back, and do the whole thing all over again!

This boy was only 4 months old when he was sitting at the back door of our house and drew attention to something going on in our neighbours yard.  Looking out, we noticed a stranger breaking into our neighbours garage.  My husband raced out the door with Caleb at his heels.  Long story short, the burglar was caught in the back alley, police were called and Caleb had him by the shirt and was “helping”!  Turns out, the suspect had our neighbours tools lined up in order of what he was going to take and would never have been caught if Caleb hadn’t been keeping watch at the door!

Unfortunately, Caleb had pancreatitis and after countless trips to the vet, there was nothing more we could do to make him better. We could no longer watch him suffer and the only humane thing to do was to let him go.

He passed away in our arms and we will not forget him.

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