Our Facility


Welcome to Elhart K9’s! We moved to a new location spring 2019 and are working on our kennel building this summer in order to be able to accomodate our dogs needs.

Our new property consists of almost 5 acres if hills, trees, walking paths and lakefront view.

Our dogs spend the majority of their time with us either outside or sleeping in the house keeping an eye on their humans.


Our litters are whelped in house and socialized with people, kids and dogs alike.

June and July 2019 we have completed two fenced areas for the dogs and are continuing to work on our kennel building.

2022 We completed “The Hub” which was completely renovated to add drainage, new treated fencing, a ramp for access to another potty area and the two play yards.  We also added a safe puppy pen for our litters to have outside time!

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