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We purchased a hay-field 5 miles east of Brandon, MB in 2006.  Since then, we have been busy building our shops for business and then our house. Upon moving, we had put up a temporary kennel, but now we have finished our kennels and exercise area!  They were completed spring/summer 2012.

All of our dogs are welcome in our home as well and love to snuggle beside the couch, watch us while we eat and prepare meals and just be part of the family.  And one, that loves to sneak into the kids bedrooms and steal the stuffed toys off the beds and pile them up on the mat!!  I won’t mention any names though Arie!!

Because we do offer first come first serve boarding to our puppy families as well as foster and provide training to troubled dogs off and on during the year, we have designed a kennel system to give our dogs as well as visiting canines freedom, and provide a safe environment to play and interact with the other dogs.

Our kennels include in floor heat for winter warmth, air conditioning for the hot summers, and bite guard dog doors that allow our German Shepherds and puppies inside/outside access at all times.  Puppies, bitches in heat, and pregnant/nursing dams are kept separate from the other dogs unless supervised, so with this design, I am able to allow all puppies/dogs indoor/outdoor access and then choose who gets to go to the exercise area without leaving the fence.

The dogs are loving the freedom that they have with this set up and I am able to encourage potty training with puppies (weather permitting) as they are able to safely go outside starting at 4 weeks old rather than doing all paper training.  By 7 weeks, the majority of puppies have figured out this concept.

Our wash area was completed Feb 2013 and one of my favorite areas of the kennel!  Washing puppies, dogs for show, dishes, filling water pails, and the list goes on!

The nursery we added March 2016 which was custom built to suit our litter needs and has been a welcome addition with its ease of use. Rust free and easy to clean, I have saved hours of time not having to clean fencing with the glass easy to wipe. Close circuit cameras are installed with remote access to monitor our soon to be moms and new babies all the while giving her quiet time.

We also have 11 acres of open field that we use to exercise, train, and for just getting out and having a good time!


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