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  • Balanced Temperament
  • Socialized
  • Healthy German Shepherds
  • Bred to follow German Shepherd Standards in conformation and temperament.

**Breeding only takes places once the selected dogs are physically sound in body and mind and are cleared for breeding by a licensed veterinarian. All of our breeding bitches/dogs will have been x-rayed (pre-limbed at the least) and OFA’ed for their hips and elbows to ensure that there is no hip/elbow dysplasia present. WE WILL ONLY BREED IF there is a demand for puppies or expanding our breeding program**

Shipping Available across Canada and the United States

All of our puppies are temperament tested using VOLHARD’S PUPPY APTITUDE TESTING

Puppy questionnaires can be found under FORMS and must be filled out to be considered for placement.


“T” Litter

Litter born August 30th, 2020

5 females 3 males


Male – Elhart

Female – Elhart

Female – Elhart

Male – Tucker (Manitoba)

Female – Shudra (Alberta)

Male – Moorehouse (Manitoba)

Female – Wilson (Manitoba)

Female – Evjen (Alberta)



(VA (BSZS) Remo von Fichtenschlag SCHH3, 1PO3 KKL1 X SG VENUS D’ULMENTAL SCHH1 IPO1 KKL1)


(VA (BSZS) Kaspar von Tronje IPO3 KKl x V Xava von Huhnegrab IPO1


“U” Litter

Fall/Winter 2020


Female – Jennings (Manitoba)

Dam: Berta de Coroninas pre limb good/normal hips/elbows


Sire: Italian import: VV Germany Can Ch Pointed Edo von Goldenen Strand AD normal/normal DNA


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EXCEPTIONAL quality pups are worth the wait!


How To Find A Good Breeder!!

Elhart German Shepherd puppies are raised in a family environment with adults, kids, cats, and dogs. This gives our puppies unlimited levels of social stimulation and interaction for development! By 7 weeks of age, we also introduce crate, leash, and manners training, car rides, noises, strange objects, etc. We feel that these puppies deserve the best care and training that we can provide them in their first 8 weeks so they can easily fit in with their new families.

If you have never owned a German Shepherd, please take a minute to read over the link:

**Is a German Shepherd a suitable companion for you?**

Our puppies stay at Elhart until they are at least 8 weeks of age. If you are interested in one of our litters, please take a moment to fill out a Puppy Questionnaire so we can determine which puppy would be best suited for you!

PLEASE NOTE **Questionnaires must be filled out to be considered for one of our puppies/dogs.**

June 25, 2010 071

$250.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy.

$1,900.00 – $2,200.00 for limited registration puppies (spay/neuter required)

$2,500.00 -$3,500 for unlimited registration to CKC or AKC registered breeders upon approval.

All of our puppies are temperament tested using the Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Testing. This testing provides us with insight on how puppy thinks, interacts, plays, and reacts to noises, objects, strangers, etc. Once we have puppy questionnaires filled out by the families, then we can determine the best puppy for your needs, energy level, etc.

We reserve puppies for families but we do wait until puppies are between 6 – 7 weeks of age before deciding which family is best suited for each puppy!

We welcome families to come by for a visit after puppies have reached six weeks of age by appointment only.
For the safety of our pups, we do ask that you do not visit our kennel after visiting another kennel as many illnesses/diseases can be transferred.

Health Guarantee (Bill of Sale)

I encourage all families to stay in touch as their puppy matures and am more than willing to help with any concerns or questions that may come up along the way. I also love (an expect) pictures too!
**We offer boarding for all of our Elhart German Shepherd puppies if you are planning a trip or are away on business. (first come first serve basis).**

To find a reputable breeder, always ask questions and check off the following list to ensure they have your best interests in mind when choosing a German Shepherd for your family. Click on the below link for questions to ask before making a decision on your puppy.

Finding A Good Breeder


Our puppies are vet checked between 6 & 7 weeks and all this information will be available in your health record booklet mentioned below.


If you are considering an Elhart German Shepherd puppy, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Tel: 204-573-7138

Email: elhartk9s@gmail.com


KENNEL – large enough to eventually accommodate puppy when full-grown.

BLANKET**Do not use braided or woven rugs as puppy might chew and swallow threads. This causes intestinal blockage and sometimes cause death. ** Old towels are the best choice by experience as they are easy to wash. (Down filled comforters and plush dog beds are not recommended! They will chew them up!)

DISHES – water and food – stainless is best to prevent chewing

PUPPY FOOD – starter food comes with puppy and you can slowly blend if your brand is different. **We recommend a high quality food for at least the first year of life to give puppy the proper nutrients for development.**

LEASH/COLLAR – Adjustable because he/she is going to grow quickly!

PET SAFE TOYS – Insure you have a few chewing toys and play toys to help with the teething! Plush toys are generally not a safe choice for this breed!

BABY GATE – If there are areas in your home that are not safe for puppy

HOME INSPECTION – Take a few minutes to check for cords, valuables, etc. that might be a potential hazard or make you very upset if puppy decides to explore! Check fences for weak boards and small gaps where puppy could get out. Inspect latches on gates so they close properly, etc.

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