Yet another great update regarding Ms. Beckett!


Well, I have to do a little brag about Ms. Beckett from this last weekend. Her first road trip in the motor home and although she wasn’t to sure what to think about walking around a moving vehicle, she settled down and relaxed for our 10 hour trip each way to and from our destination. Her favourite spot was up by the windshield between the seats either sitting or standing, watching the world pass her by.
We stopped in at a kennel with several dogs barking behind the fence and puppies on the ground out loose in front of her and not one bark back from her to the dogs behind the fence and she approached the puppies respectfully and licked them as any mommy (this instinct comes natural to her and I am excited to see her with her own litter in the future!) would and just showed me again, how sound and sure her temperament is to new situations and how balanced she is to adapt to her environment.
We also went down to a beach area and although she wasn’t allowed in the water, she sat beside my chair by the walkway as different people, kids, dogs, and objects passed by right in front.
As I was walking with her, a gentleman stopped me and asked how old, and some other info and commented on how well behaved she is for only 10 months old. 10 months sounds like she is still a puppy but she really is a teenager at this point lol!
I am very proud of her and how great an example she is for our breed!
She very well may be my “heart” dog. The one in a million that gets you and would do anything you ask. She is in big competition with her mom Cassie for this spot and I might have to settle for two favourites

Beckett – 6 months old…Update!

My Grandpa resides at the Assiniboine Centre where I have been taking Beckett 2x a week to visit him. Today was a rough day with him not feeling well. He saw Beckett there today though and banged his hand on the bed to get her attention and she put her head over and gave him some good licks. One more time and he had to leave for some tests so my mom and I had some waiting to do out in the hall….
Today of all days, I had tears, (because of Grandpa not feeling well and) because of the people Beckett is having such a great impact on, not just the residents but the staff too. They almost all smile when they walk past or stop and ask to pet her and she is so good with EVERYBODY. The ultimate test today was a Parkinson’s patient that rolled up in a wheelchair and saw her. As he reached out his hand, it started shaking and she had already walked beside his wheelchair so she waited patiently for his hand to rest on her head and as it did, he quit shaking and she didn’t move, spook, or anything, she just waited like she knew exactly what to do. I love that she can help others and bring joy to them as much as she brings to me and my family. I pray someday when I’m old that there is a special person out there that can do the same for me. Beckett is truly a special girl with an incredible gift.

Blog Spot!!


At 5 months old, Beckett has been visiting the Assiniboine Center here in Brandon. She is showing solid nerves for new situations, moving objects such as: beds, laundry carts, wheelchairs, etc. and is maintaining great manners with my Grandpa as well as strangers and patients. She is learning to sit and stay focused. I am extremely proud of her progress thus far!