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Elhart’s Forever Mya “Mya”





Elhart’s Forever Mya – Mya
Sire: Can Ch. Elharts As Good As It Gets – “Arie” OFA H/E
Dam: A Elhart’s Ravyn vom Asintay OFA H/E
She is boarding for a few days and has turned out beautifully!
Our pet quality puppies that could be show dogs too!!

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New Canadian Champion for 2016


Can Ch. Elhart’s Beckett von Burg OFA H/E – “Beckett” finishing up the weekend with another major taking winners female as well as Best of Opposite over Specials!!! What a win for her final show!
Thank you so much to Judge Roberto Alvarez Marquez for noticing our girl.
This was a team effort between my daughter Racquel and I working between Beckett and Skye switching out dogs between classes to get them where they needed to be. Racquel took her in for winners (being her first time in the ring ever!!) as I was tailing behind with Ms. Skye at the end of my lead who picked up Winners Reserve as well as Best Puppy in Breed today placing over specials puppy 🙂.
What a little fire cracker Skye was at the start but settled in nicely as to what was expected of her throughout the weekend. She also picked up Winners Reserve 2nd show.
Beckett is out of our Can. Ch. Pointed Holterbren Lacey Bleu Fleisher OFA H/E – “Cassie” and V8 Figo von Buchhorn SchH2 Kkl1 a-normal.
Beckett has been breeder/owner handled to the majority of these wins but also achieved 2 with the help of Donna Bernier and Racquel Hofer.

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Kimon von Goldenen Strand


Update on our newest addition to our kennel for 2016!!

Kimon comes to us from Italy and will be settling in here Fall 2016 after he finishes scheduled training, titles, and competitions over the summer in Italy.

He has just completed his BH/AD June 2016 and we look forward to more news as the summer progresses and are very excited to be welcoming him to Canada!!

More information on Kimon under our Males page.

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New Photos!!

jemine walking dogs 2015

Check out some new pictures that I’ve added to the Photo Galleries!

Updated photos of some of our puppies as they continue to mature with their families as well as some shots of my dogs :).

The above photo was taken this summer when I had my dogs in town for a walk while my son was at football practice.

We took a long walk to Tim Hortons and I stayed outside and waited while my daughter and son went in to get some treats.  A few minutes went by and a lady came out with 4 bottles of water and some empty chili containers for the dogs.  She commented on how wonderful they were and she couldn’t help but buy them a drink. Such kindness from a stranger and the dogs showed their appreciation by slobbering all over her and giving her kisses as they drank. The extra bottle is in my front pocket :).  Here I am talking to a lady on her front step and there is a cat in her front yard…as you can see, the dogs are not too worried about it!  Socialization is so important to create balance.

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New Canadian Champion!!

What a weekend for Arie as he finished up his Can. Championship and is now Can. Ch. Elharts As Good As It Gets OFA H/E!!

After moving up to specials the next day, he won Select, and then for the final show of the weekend he took Best of Breed in a very competitive class. I’m so proud of this guy for only showing 2 times this year.

Thank you to Judges Val Gervais, Carol Graham, and Anna Hewson for these wins. What a great way to end 2014!

Arie - new champion

Arie best of breed

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My Girls “Helping”

“Where is Beckett???” I asked myself while washing windows this morning…..
I look out to the field, to the left, to the right, on the deck…no Beckett. I look down because Cassie is always beside me and this is what I found! Out of 11 acres of field to frolic in, they are keeping watch under the ladder! This is truly a great example of what German Shepherds are all about. Showing and looking pretty is less than 1% of their life. This is the rest, being with their humans .
Left to right – Beckett with her mom Cassie Beckett and Cassie under the ladder

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Yet another great update regarding Ms. Beckett!


Well, I have to do a little brag about Ms. Beckett from this last weekend. Her first road trip in the motor home and although she wasn’t to sure what to think about walking around a moving vehicle, she settled down and relaxed for our 10 hour trip each way to and from our destination. Her favourite spot was up by the windshield between the seats either sitting or standing, watching the world pass her by.
We stopped in at a kennel with several dogs barking behind the fence and puppies on the ground out loose in front of her and not one bark back from her to the dogs behind the fence and she approached the puppies respectfully and licked them as any mommy (this instinct comes natural to her and I am excited to see her with her own litter in the future!) would and just showed me again, how sound and sure her temperament is to new situations and how balanced she is to adapt to her environment.
We also went down to a beach area and although she wasn’t allowed in the water, she sat beside my chair by the walkway as different people, kids, dogs, and objects passed by right in front.
As I was walking with her, a gentleman stopped me and asked how old, and some other info and commented on how well behaved she is for only 10 months old. 10 months sounds like she is still a puppy but she really is a teenager at this point lol!
I am very proud of her and how great an example she is for our breed!
She very well may be my “heart” dog. The one in a million that gets you and would do anything you ask. She is in big competition with her mom Cassie for this spot and I might have to settle for two favourites